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About the team writing the Newsletters

Anchor Strategies News Team is made up of individuals with a deep love for our country, our rights under the constitution and a penchant for Freedom. Many of the members are former military and law enforcement personnel who have served many tours overseas participating in foreign policy as it happened or served at home providing security for our communities. We will also be including medical experts who will provide analysis of what we see in the media with a fact-based insight.

Our goal is providing insight and analysis on current world events. When looking at these events, we will assess the short-term and long-term implications and what they could possibly mean for you and your loved ones. Focus areas we will look at include the economy, military issues, medical and health care, along with food production and security. If not addressed, many of the issues facing us today will become difficult to overcome.

Many of the things we will highlight will not just be a rendition of “The Sky is Falling,” but a look at global events and what you can possibly do now to get ahead of these uncertain times. Solutions will be offered that are thoroughly vetted and presented for use in any disastrous event. If the last two years has taught us anything, it would be having a prepared mindset. By having this mindset, you will be ahead of half the population.

In these uncertain times we have seen friends and family turn on each other over politics and science. Most of this was instigated by our media and duly elected officials. What we need now is for people with Moral Courage a strong sense of Patriotism leading the way. Remember, courage is contagious, pass it on!


Why should you sign up?

Regardless of the political spectrum you follow, if you love freedom and analysis that can make you think, then this newsletter is for you. Many of the guests that will be on the podcast will be highlighted in our Newsletter with highlights on positive steps you can take that ensure you and your family are aware of dangers that are currently present in today’s world. Guests that will be interviewed come from many walks of life and professions. We will touch upon science on one end of the spectrum to prepare for grid down scenarios and the chaos inherent with this. Some might not agree with everything we say, but if it gets you thinking of better solutions and how we can do things and live as one nation with freedom, then hit the subscribe button and sign-up! Along with analysis and breakdowns on current and possible world events, we will be offering special discount codes for you the subscriber. Our offering is this: we will offer training and products that are vetted both in combat and the medical world that will provide an immediate impact for both you and your family when things go south. Vetted items include specially built first aid kits for use in a bug out bag to in home or vehicle use. For those who want the training that comes along with it, it will be offered, you just must have a desire for learning and make an honest attempt at making it happen. Basic firearms training along with kickass instructors will be provided that will give you the confidence you need when your life’s on the line. Take it to the bank! What are you waiting for?

What type of individual enjoys our Newsletters?

Are you the type of person who loves freedom? Do you love how things were going great and then the bottom fell out on the world? When you watch the news has it become a tired exercise in trying to find the truth? If you can answer those basic questions with a “yes,” then we welcome you. Many of the people my team and I encounter everyday see we are in a real-world simulation, and we are the lab rats. Not sure about you, but I wasn’t born a lab rat. People who want unbiased information along with insight from those who have put their lives on the line will be using this as a conduit for voicing concern, warnings, and the steps you can take now. Who would contribute? Current and former police officers, military members who have reached out and stated they want you the American citizen in the know and being given the information and possible tools that can help you and your family.


When do the newsletters go out?

Newsletters will go out twice a month on the second and last Sunday. These newsletters will recap everything that has happened with analysis on what could be on the horizon.


How will I receive the Newsletters?

Newsletters will be received via email. Yep, that is right. Email will rule the day.