My Story

I was born in Ohio and from that time on raising a military family moved around the world got to see a lot of places everywhere from Indiana and Illinois to Okinawa and Taiwan father was a military man I just planarian but also fair and consistent as a group I didn’t see that as always fair but that’s usually what happens when you’re raised with discipline that you don’t agree with as I was getting older I played in sports was very active and track wrestling and football mother spare time activities were out running and doing those things that most kids from the 70s. The 70s, 80s and 90s, what most people don’t understand is back in those days we got to live a life of actually getting out exploring nature scenes that were going on in the real world in a face-to-face manner and I think that’s one of the greatest things that helped shape me.

As I’m looking at most of what’s going on in society I’ve decided to make changes but my military career started in the 90s contrary to the discipline I was raised with actually jumped feet first into the frying pan by joining the Marine Corps what saved me was the lessons learned from my father and my mother and discipline doing the right thing and putting in the hard work that paid off during my time in the United States Marine Corps. After the Marine Corps, I served in the United States Navy. During my time in the Navy, I had the privilege of serving with Special Operations Forces for two assignments. These assignments led to three deployments in Afghanistan and two in Iraq. These tours furthered my understanding of American diplomacy while also opening my eyes on the amount of financial resources used and abused and the regretful loss of American lives.

The call of Freedom by our press and the politicians was a veiled attempt at false justice while companies made record profits. In 2012, seeing a complete undermining of leadership by the politicians, I retired as a Chief Petty Officer. It was a tough decision, but one I felt was needed for my own personal integrity. Entering civilian life, I worked at Special Operations Command as a contractor and then took employment in the defense industry. Those experiences helped shape me and strengthen my patriotism, love of country and gave me a deep desire to always do the right thing. When I look back on the changes our country has gone through in the last 30 years, I can see a policy of appeasement with the globalists that are hell bent on destroying freedom. Some of those things also had infected the defense industry from over bloated contracts and cronyism and actually just trying to cash in instead of doing the right thing in the name of freedom and liberty. The change in mindset I have experienced in the last two years is one that I am embracing as God is placing Truth in front of us for exposure. This exposure will only happen if courage is demonstrated in the face of adversity and tyranny. I was fortunate as a child to have my father encourage free thought while using discipline in encouraging, sometimes to my chagrin, the use of a dictionary and thesaurus when looking for answers. Over time, the encouragement from my father gave me the skills necessary for critical analysis when looking at the most basic issues facing society, our country and the world. This critical thinking is key when looking at patterns and analyzing what has happened or is taking place. One of the greatest things about putting patterns together is it helps you understand what’s about to happen next. I’ve looked at the changes being placed on our culture and nation and I’m noticing we are going forth with a path that takes away national sovereignty, pride in ourselves, pride in our country and a belief in God. Our view of fellow human beings with kindness is looked upon with disdain and weakness. We no longer look at each other as those we should interact in a physical sense but rely on a phone or your computer. The proliferation of cell phones has placed a counterproductive weight on humanity and life itself. The influence on emotions such as happiness and fulfillment based upon likes or dislikes is discouraging and against what the Bible teaches by being selfish or self indulgent.

The movement by the Technocracy is completely against the teaching of the Bible and the word of God. When I look back on some of these changes I can see these changes accelerated in the 1990’s with the proliferation of the personal desktop computer and got a boost after 2000 with the introduction of smartphone technology. All of humanity is now moving forward with technology and a “I can’t live without it” mentality. We have forgotten what makes us truly unique as humans and that we function better when interacting with nature and other human beings in “real-time.” My efforts in getting out, interacting and engaging with others who don’t fear mandates, social engineering and media lies for the sake of freedom and humanity is one I never thought I would be doing. When I say I never thought I would be doing this and getting out just because most of us never thought we teach ourselves in this current world situation we’re right is wrong and wrong is right and this severely troubles me on both an emotional and mental level.

Our duty as humans is to get out and tell the truth. You will be ostracized and vilified, but we must stand up for our God given freedom. There are many out there like myself who are sitting down and finding out someone else knows there’s something ominous planned and it is just over the horizon. This lets you know that you’re not alone. I’m here to let you know that what I and others see as we watch those in power move us into a truly dystopian future that does not have mine, yours or our families best interest as part of their agenda. The only way forward is that there will be a great awakening of all humanity to understand the true danger of what lies ahead for us . In my mind this will empower us to take steps to mitigate or eliminate the threat to us and our families. I’m hoping that people understand and join me in waking others up from the sleep they are in and the lie they’ve been fed on what truly propels society and humanity.