This page will provide links and resources for people looking for solutions in these challenging times. Humanity starts off with medical information so you can make an informed decision on what gets put in your body. We look at the Geneva convention any ability for you to autonomously choose what goes in his key component of humanity we now have people who have fallen for the tyranny of medical apartheid we’re gonna provide links for people to make these choices. Many of these links will contain documentation on protecting yourself and your family through the courts and a meeting for the future and providing a safety net for your children.

Resources will be looked into and pushed out for how to organize within your communities for protection of each other your rights to live freely and to live a more sustainable living without having to rely upon others such as government and non-government agencies who want to push agendas. Information on things that can help you and your family on a medical level and immediate future. These things will include a medical kit with training and possible dates to attend for emergency first aid and stop the bleed classes. These classes will be critical in the future as society is moving more towards anarchy and chaos. Information links for legislative affairs and keeping track of who’s passing laws that favor humanity and your rights for freedom versus those who go against your rights and the rule of law.

We are also providing information and interviews with those in positions of power and influence who are trying to fight against unconstitutional mandates, laws and the New World Order tied into Agenda 2030. Information links for the following communities of choice and communities of interest for those who want to live with like-minded people there are sustaining compute communities and communities that have mutual security and mutual aid to help each other and everything from security to bartering to sustaining education that is not to a fit narrative that does not benefit families. These links will provide sites that have training videos and articles on how to grow and sustain food that cannot only sustain your family but provide enough materials for bartering in trading with others when world situation dictates if the economy collapses. Current classes on the following are available and can be customized for various groups:

Faith Based Leadership Development:

This course is designed for those seeking the skills necessary to develop community leadership with an emphasis on faith while encouraging those in your community to understand our current world situation and how it is impacting them. Subjects will touch on and elaborate on the local economy and the political structure that impacts you and how you can ensure you are heard.

Crisis Leadership:

This course puts all participants into stressful scenarios based upon past world events and possible future scenarios. The course will focus on a leadership roundtable that rotates students through and impromptu times testing their critical thinking.

Basic Medical and Emergency First Aid Course:

As we see with the current world situation and unrest, we are offering a basic medical course that focuses on basic first aid and emergency trauma response care. This training is built around saving a life until advanced medical care can be reached.Training will be provided by certified medically trained care personnel.

Basic Survival Course:

This course is designed for those who are looking for training in a course that breaks down the most basic of survival skills. Basics such as fire starting methods, shelter selection, materials, placement and building are covered. In addition, basic food and water gathering basics will be taught based upon calendar season and region.

Basic Communications Course:

This course will highlight our dependence on modern technology and its inherent pitfalls. Once you have a complete understanding of these pitfalls, you will be taught the basic communication skills that will seem low-speed but are reliable, low cost and could save you and your loved ones.

Communications Security Course:

This course will cover the inherent dangers in today’s digital world. Students will be given the knowledge of what platforms are doing with their information and steps they can take to drastically reduce their vulnerability. Options for secure communication devices they might want to consider will be addressed per student based upon their current method of communication.