The Podcast

Anchor Up is a lifestyle of doing the right thing even when no one is looking. The Truth with Danger Doug is about exposing the truth of events occurring around America and the world while telling the false narratives being used to paralyze people into fear and denial of reality. We will look at the fear generated and distortion of reality. Our world has seen an all-out assault that has become a consistent 365 days, 24 hours, seven days a week cycle meant to break down the family and humanity. This same technology we use for help and assistance is now used as a lever to break down the most basic of human emotions and psyche.

Global media’s complete disregard for truth across various media platforms and nations has made zombies of the youth. If these chains are not taken off, it will lead to dark times for the rest of the world and the United States.

I like to think that the United States is the last great nation and the hill on which to die. Most people don’t want to look at it that way, but we must look at things with a sense of urgency to save our families and humanity itself. Those who attend religious events are labeled zealots, following a book of fairy tales, while those who engineer our destruction worship technology and worse. Lessons explained in the Bible, written over 2000 years ago, have guided Christianity with lessons that have stood the test of time. Those who worship the new Technocracy are baseless and misleading. When you look at God and read the Bible and the books within, they tell a story that recalls integrity, character, and love through tribulations while bringing light out of the darkness. Most people cannot understand we are currently living through the most turbulent time in the history of humanity. Many people see what is coming based on the endless assault by the Technocracy, government overreach, and the media. These people’s voices are continually silenced or ignored by the media as though nothing is going on. We see a concerted effort by those in power consistently going against the best interests of society. This behavior has dehumanized you and made you dependent not just on your government but also on technology. We have witnessed a generation that has grown into a world of the socially inept. Steps are needed to get back to our humanity, our love for one other, the interaction with humans, and the ability to react to the most fundamental instincts.

Currently, the biggest obstacle is the denial across all media platforms that there is any other life through holy scripture. Most people don’t understand that without faith and hope, humans are nothing. As we move forward, we must re-engage, tell the stories, have justice, and punish those for the crimes they’ve committed against humanity. Most people’s greatest fear is standing up for themselves and telling the truth. If we don’t stand up, tell the truth, and stand our ground, we are nothing in front of God and our families. It could be rough initially, but it will be more turbulent in the long run. We will be better for it because the truth will set you free. Many are losing jobs and losing hope because they don’t have faith in themselves.

Societies can overcome a lack of courage to stand up and do the right thing with preparation, the right mindset, and mental toughness. This podcast shows you what’s going on and how to stand up, do the right thing, and be counted. If you don’t stand up now at this critical juncture in human history, we are doomed to a fate of poverty and slavery. So now is the time to get off your ass and start making a difference. Not just for the lives of yourself and your family, but for your country and the rest of the world. People think protesting and doing things of that nature will make a difference. We are currently at a time where world leaders DON’T CARE what you think and what you want. They will continue to move forward with their plans for implementing the Great Reset coordination from many organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the GAVI foundation.

Along with other organizations, those running them and their disciples, they don’t care what happens to you and your family if you go along with the plan. The agendas will consolidate all wealth and humanity under one rule and one government. Citizens around the world are waking up to this fact. The idea that each country’s national sovereignty makes it unique will be replaced with a controlled implosion of identity. This push against your country’s independence is aided and abetted by those in power who have failed the very people they represent.

When we look at this in a holistic view, you would think this would not be a bad thing. The problem with this lies in the various cultures worldwide; the different religions and their ways of life for millennia are threatened. This great strife and a deep divide amongst diverse communities have not gone unnoticed by those in power. The incitement seems welcomed because they want a reduction in world population and a decrease in the resources used by humans. The future is slowly turning into a dystopian society of a robotic and brainwashed citizenry. From any of you out there, when you look around and for those awake, what do you see? You see people who are asleep and go counter to their interests, survival instinct, and the ability to live freely. This counter-intuitive approach to the truth has infiltrated our schools and the workplace, including all facets of life. This false truth push is that common sense is irrational and that when you try to apply common sense and logic, it goes against the established narrative.
The vilification of those that don’t follow the narrative pushed has been a blatant attack on logic and common sense. We see this in numerous industries and media that have made lying an art. The only way forward for humanity is to get back to the basics of humanity, truth, and understanding that we are all truly here for living free in peace and harmony. Many organizations in the world sponsored by some of the most infamous and lethal human minds on this planet have chosen what side they are on. The plans do not have you and your family included in them, and we will help expose it to wake you up. It’s time for you to buckle up, start thinking about what you’re going to do for your family’s survival, and take actions that ensure this. We will discuss and provide resources for preparing, getting out, and letting your voice be heard. Now’s the time. Are you ready for the ride?
We set up Anchor Strategies for assisting others with products and links for companies providing essential gear that can offer a possible benefit in a natural disaster or a complete collapse of the economy. Courses offered will provide instruction that will increase self-reliance and boost confidence should you be confronted with life-or-death decisions. See you on the other side!